West Nile Virus Update

As you know, The West Nile Virus has been spreading pretty heavily this year.  CNN has recently reported 300 NEW cases of West Nile Virus along with 12 WNV related deaths.  According to the Center for Disease Control,  2012 has hosted the highest numbers yet for WNV with 693 cases reported so far.

It is important to protect yourself and your family from Mosquito bites and The West Nile Virus, and there are few easy precautions that you can take:
1. most importantly: wear Mosquito repellent when outdoors- especially in the evening (most mosquito bites occur from dusk- dawn)
2. have your yard sprayed for Mosquito’s- We are offering a “Mosquito Free ’til Halloween” program- call us for details
3. wear long sleeves and long pants when possible
4. burn Citronella candles when enjoying your outdoor space

For more information on avoiding Mosquito bites- visit the Center for Disease Control’s Stop Mosquitoes information page-

For more information on The West Nile Virus and it’s US numbers visit the Center for Disease Control’s West Nile Database:

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