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Ticks Treatments, Solutions and Prevention:
Although many people commonly think of ticks as insects, they are actually arachnids like scorpions, spiders and mites. Members of this group have four pairs of legs as adults and have no antennae. (Insects have three pairs of legs and also one pair of antennae.) Ticks are among the most efficient carriers and transmitters of disease because they are blood-feeding parasites that attach firmly when feeding, they feed very slowly and may go unnoticed for a considerable time. Ticks take several days to complete feeding.

  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
  • Lyme Disease
  • Erlichiosis
  • Canine Erlichiosis
  • For more information, see the Center for Disease Control website, www.cdc.gov

Ticks have four stages in their life cycle: egg, six-legged larva, eight-legged nymph, and adult. After the egg hatches, the larva (sometimes referred to as a “seed tick”) feeds on a host. The larva then develops (called molting) into the larger nymph. This nymph then feeds on a host and then molts into an even larger adult. Both male and female adults find and feed on a host, then the females lay eggs sometime after feeding.

Ticks are often found in tall grass where they wait for an opportunity to attach to a passing host.  But physical contact is not the only method of transportation for ticks. Some species stalk the host from the ground, emerging from cracks or crevices in trees or even inside a home or kennel.  Infestations of “seed ticks” can attack in this way in large numbers. Weak or elderly people, dogs, puppies, horses and livestock, and even cats are particularly endangered by ticks and the diseases they carry.  Larger infestations can be difficult to detect until thousands have attached themselves to an animal, making eradication more difficult.

Mosquito & Pest Xperts is your one stop shop for complete in home and outdoor pest control.  Our technicians are trained to handle any Pest Control issue. We will apply a Flea and Tick treatment to your yard and home or business perimeter and also consult with you on potential problem areas that may harbor Fleas and Ticks

Flea Treatment and Flea Prevention: Fleas are a common North and South Carolina pest issue. Most people consider Fleas and Ticks to be purely an animal issue; however fleas can infest your home even if you don?t have an animal at all. Fleas can attach to your clothes and can be introduced to your home. Once inside your home, a single female flea can lay up to 30 eggs per day for around 9 days straight. Since fleas have a very short life cycle and reproduce rapidly, this can create a problem where you may need Flea Treatments in your home facilitated by a trained professional.

What a lot of home owners don’t consider is how to Prevent Flea Infestations. A trained and licensed Mosquito & Pest Xperts technician will consult with you on the best plan of action to treat your current Flea Infestation in your home, and also how to remedy your Flea Problem areas outside. In most cases Flea infestations in the home are caused from an issue outside in your yard. The best way to treat any infestation is to remedy the cause. Our technicians are trained to not only treat in home infestations, but they will consult with you on root cause and schedule out a detailed plan to treat it.

In most cases, a Flea Treatment plan being implemented by a licensed professional for in home and exterior Flea Prevention along with small alterations to problem areas by the home or business owner will remedy the infestation..

Mosquito & Pest Xperts is specifically licensed with a Public Health License which allows us to treat for health affecting insects.

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