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Living in the southern United States or near standing bodies of water can put you in danger of being in a popular mosquito breeding ground. In North Carolina alone, there are over 44 different species of Mosquitos! It is very important to work with a trained professional in the area of Mosquito Control to make sure your yard is free from mosquitoes, but more importantly, to ensure that the proper mosquito treatments and solution are being applied by licensed applicators according to the laws of your state. Some “do it yourself” spray’s can be harmful if the right period of time hasn’t gone by and children and pets are exposed.

Mosquito & Pest Xperts offers a number of unique services for Mosquito Control:

Automated Misting Systems – Complete Mosquito Control

This system is an infrastructure of tubes and nozzles that our experts will place around your yard. (We help you choose the best positions for both strategic and aesthetic reasons.) It comes with a digital timer that delivers the mist, and for emergencies and/or special occasions, it also comes with a remote. That way, in certain cases, you will have the ability to manually mist on demand. This is a completely turn-key solution. All you have to do is relax and enjoy! For more detailed information, click here.

Manual Fogging – Mosquito Control

If you have been doing your homework, you may have heard of what people in the industry refer to as manual fogging, barrier treatments, or sprays. We offer these services as well! But to expand on that, what we offer is what we call a three-pronged approach.

  1. A fast-acting agent that breaks down quickly, and safely
  2. A longer lasting agent, that has a longer duration effect.
  3. A granular product called a Larvcide. (It targets mosquitoes that are still in the larval stage.)

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The Mosquito Xperts Difference

The difference is that some other companies are known for buying cheaper and less expensive solutions and then applying those to your yard. Because they are cheaper, they are less effective and they don’t do all of the things they need to do to effectively control the flying and biting insects. Here at the Mosquito & Pest Xperts, we want you to know that not only are we utilizing the premier and most effective solutions in the marketplace today, but our professionally trained applicators specialize in Mosquito Control techniques.

Another aspect that makes Mosquito & Pest Xperts different is that we will do an analysis of your yard and pinpoint the cause for your Mosquito Infestation. We will also advise you of any steps you can take to help minimize the problem. Simple steps like standing water removal and prevention may make a large difference in keeping your yard mosquito free. While we understand that Mosquitos are something that Southern Pines residents will have to deal with in one way or another, our solutions and Mosquito Control expertise will help at least ensure that your yard will be enjoyable and mosquito free!  Mosquito & Pest Xperts is Southern Pines’ number one choice for Mosquito Control and Mosquito treatments and solutions.

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