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Getting a termite inspection is a good idea when you are first purchasing a house, and an inspection is useful every few years if you see dead termites in your home. The presence of dead termites alone does not indicate that your house has an infestation problem, which is why having Mosquito & Pest Xperts licensed termite inspectors inspect your home yearly to keep you free from worry, and free from infestation.

At Mosquito & Pest Xperts, we typically find our termite inspections to take about an hour in most instances. Our trained and licensed termite inspector will come into your home and use a set of basic tools to check for cracks in the foundation or sides of your house. The termite inspector is looking for signs of insect activity, which will include dead insects but also small trails of evidence that termites leave behind. During our termite inspection, we will also include notes of any boring holes, which can be signs of insects, or significant cracks in your home’s foundation or subterranean walls. While termites can enter the home almost anywhere, some spots are more likely sources of future termite problems than others.

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