Mosquito Prevention Can Reduce The Spread of The West Nile Virus In North Carolina

West Nile Virus has been discovered in North Carolina:

There are Options and Tools Available to help control Mosquitoes

You may have seen and read the latest wire stories and web postings reporting West Nile Virus in Wayne County.
Mosquito and Pest Xperts, serving North and South Carolina since 2004, provides automated and manual solutions to proactively treat for mosquitoes and is ready to take on this enemy on your behalf, for you, your family and your pets.
The general public is concerned when they hear about these sad circumstances… in order to help educate the public about what they can do, we are providing the following…

There are immediate steps you can take to help minimize your risk:
Keep from getting bit:

  • Use an approved insect repellant that contains DEET, Picaridin, or oil of lemon Eucalyptus
  •  Stay indoors during the morning and evening hours.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes (long pants and sleeves.)  Mosquitoes can bite through tight fitting clothes.
  • Wear light colors.  Mosquitoes are usually attracted to darker colors.
  • Repair damage to screens on windows and doors.

Discourage MOSQUITO reproduction:

  • Overturn containers that may be holding standing water, including buckets, bird baths and flower pots.
  • Clean and remove debris from gutters.
  • Drill holes in the bottom of curb side garbage cans and recycling bins.
  • Drain water from tarps, un-maintained pools, pool covers and boats.
  • Call a Mosquito Xpert to assist you with on going services because Mosquitoes are constantly breeding in your area….

About Mosquito & Pest Xperts:

Mosquito & Pest Xperts is specifically licensed with a Public Health License which allows us to treat for health affecting insects.  Mosquito & Pest Xperts is first and foremost a Service Company. We have been and will continue to be a part of the community for many years, not only as a service provider, but also as your neighbor and friend. Our employees know that and understand our goal of “Respect of and Appreciation for Our Customer’s Property, Possessions, Family and Pets” works hand-in-hand with our satisfaction guarantee. Our services include: Residential and Commercial Mosquito Control also Indoor and Outdoor Pest Management.

To ensure your highest comfort level when contacting Mosquito and Pest Xperts, please know that we are fully licensed in North Carolina and South Carolina in the areas of Structural Pest Control, Public Health Pest Control and Turf and Ornamental.
Mosquito & Pest Xperts has been providing its mosquito control “Solutions by the Yard” programs for its 9th season.

For additional information, visit  Or call 800-596-0116 for a number of Mosquito & Pest Xperts other Mosquito and Pest Control solutions.

Call now for information about our menu of Mosquito Control Services that include:
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